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December Observances

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The HopeToHealing website exists to share stories of ordinary people representing a broad range of society from every State and background who face the challenges of life with courage and hope enabling them to live very successful and meaningful lives.

Our vision is to offer hope to persons who are still struggling with their illness.  The stories are of persons who have mental illness.  Also, by sharing stories and putting a name and face to the story, we will help to overcome the stigma of mental illness.  Finally, we are using the stories as a means of education for the general public.

This website is best viewed at an 800 X 600 resolution.  The big pictures are 800x600.  They are free to download for your personal use.  The puzzles may be saved to your computer to play offline.  If you experience any problems with this website, please email me at:  john @ hopetohealing.com.

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Faith in Recovery provides assistance for developing mental health ministries in faith communities of all religious traditions.  These ministries provide education and support in ways that emphasize a mind-body-spirit understanding of mental illness and decrease stigma.  www.faithinrecovery.com

Note:  This website is not a substitute for the guidance of a professional.  We do not offer any diagnosis or opinions, but rather, we offer resources for hope and healing through the stories, articles and links we share.

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